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KeyReply is an enterprise conversation AI platform with knowledge management and customer service automation capabilities. We serve large private, and public healthcare providers and insurance companies. Our Clients include the Ministry of Health, Singapore, National Heart Centre, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Parkway Hospitals, AIA, and many more. 

These organizations have multiple stakeholders, knowledge bases, and divisions with many segmented teams providing customer and employee-facing support. Being able to find information and carry out key transactions and inquiries 24/7 can result in a huge competitive advantage for revenue, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. 

KeyReply intelligently searches through thousands of pages of information. The platform also connects to multiple backend systems to give the customer exactly what they need 24/7, through an intuitive chat format. These enable end-to-end transactions and cross-knowledge domain QnA, which enables customer service turnaround time to be improved by 95%, and speed up information retrieval by more than 3x. 

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