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We are living in a time where spending money is so easy, but keeping track of your money and actually spending it wisely has become so much harder. At Heynugget, we believe that there are easier ways for us to better manage our own money, an easier way to #adulting, and a clearer way to work towards our desired lifestyle.

We classify ourselves as a FinTech company, where we use technology to help ourselves manage our finances across the products that we engage within our life. Following our users’ lifestyle, we are building features related to tracking and managing your money, payments and rewards, investments and education.

As our Product Manager, you will be responsible for managing our product requirements, and working closely with the UX, UI and Engineering teams across sprints to build the features. You will also be looking after product growth and user acquisition during feature launches, managing user feedback and working with our UX designer to improve the product iteratively.

A list of things you need to do:

·      Work closely with the Business Owner, Product Lead, UX Designer and with user data and feedback to drive the delivery of new and/or improved features.

·      Manage, update, create concise product requirements for our team members (UX, UI, Engineering) on Atlassian Confluence.

·      Manage and update product sprints, timeline and roadmap on Atlassian Jira.

·      Manage product testing prior to launch.

·      Plan and execute product growth plans in our current early stages of product development.

·      Work with the team to manage our user community communication. This includes sending out updates, release notes and notices.

A list of things you need:

·      Familiar with the FinTech industry, Finance industry and/or Personal Finance industry in Singapore.

·      5+ years experience in Product Management or a related role in creating Mobile apps, Finance apps and/or FinTech apps.

·      Experienced in AGILE methodology for developing products, managing and running sprints.

·      Experience in working with remote team members as a good portion of our team is not in Singapore.

·      Passion and curious about personal finance management and developing products.

·      Great spoken and written English skills as our team has members from different countries.

·      Detailed and meticulous in your work, since you will be dealing with a lot of documentation and planning.

And a list of things that will help you:

1.     As a personal finance app is very personal, being empathetic or having experience in UX is a great bonus.

2.     Knowing how the financial system works in Singapore for the everyday man really helps, not just in knowing the pitfalls, restrictions, difficulties, but also in seeing it from our users’ perspective.

3.     This industry moves really quickly, so a passion for reading and finance is a big help for you. If you are also on your own FIRE journey, it will definitely make your life easier.

4.     Able to manage being thrown into an ambiguous environment and having to navigate your way through unknowns and uncertainties. FinTech in Singapore is still very young, so there are many areas that are not well defined or we face changes and pivots frequently.

About Nugget


Nugget is a fintech with a mission to empower young working adults with tools and knowledge to manage their personal finance confidently. Nugget Savings is the first product in the ecosystem that provides a guided experience towards saving effortlessly.


Nugget is a subsidiary of Golden Equator Group. Through its ecosystem of businesses and networks, Golden Equator invests in the future generation through its key pillars of Capital, Technology, and Community to build financially rewarding businesses while driving positive social impact.


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