Data Scientist


Associate / Entry level


Data Scientist

Location: office/remote, must reside in Malaysia

Do you stand out from the crowd? We're looking for a Data Scientist that wants to build something great with a group of incredible people.


  • Entry salary range: 5-7kMYR, depending on your skill set
  • Flexible working times
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Culture of collaboration and continuous learning

What you will be doing:

You will design machine learning models that will help our clients to scale up their work and boost their work efficiency. The output of your models will directly improve our members' health and lifestyle! Depending upon your ability and interests we have many other projects like Deep Learning model building, user engagement analytics and forecasting models, and future amazing projects. And you will work directly with product engineers, business intelligence analysts and our healthcare coaching team.

We believe that code isn't worthwhile until our clients are using it. Your team will deliver high quality machine learning models frequently. Here are some of the things you will do to make that happen:

  • Meet regularly with other teams to understand their challenges
  • Build prototypes and validate answers with stakeholders
  • Monitor usage and update or deprecate quickly


  • Data Science: Python, SQL
  • BI Tools: Power BI, Metabase
  • Database: Firebase, AWS Redshift, S3

Know it, or want to learn it, this is the technology stack for you!


We want to build great, industry impacting features and have fun doing it. The most important parts of our culture are:

  • Teams work together to decide what will give our customers the most value and how to accomplish it.
  • Virtual or actual get togethers, lunch or evenings out.
  • We encourage you to use that unlimited vacation days policy! (just don't let your team down!)
  • "Act like an Owner", "Keep it Simple", "Try and Error", "Fail fast", "Disagree and Commit", and "Think Big".

The People:

We have Scuba Divers, Cooks, Travelers, Photographers, Dancers, Museum Goers, Foodies, Explorers, Enigmatologists (yes, better Google that one!), Video Gamer heroes, Movie Buffs, Readers, Swimmers, Board Gamers, Music Lovers, and every other variety of people. We have Family people, Single people, Happy people. Someone here is just waiting to be your friend!

Growth Opportunities:

The sky is the limit. We are applying state-of-the-art AI technologies and work with the most current tools. If you are driven and hungry to grow, you will learn from the best in the industry. Want to make an impact on the business and the people we serve? Bring your ideas to the table, plan and execute them, experience how they come to life and make our members healthier.

Hiring Process:

  1. Fill out our very basic application form or reach out to us (apply, email).
  2. We will send you an email to gather some additional information about you, if necessary.
  3. We invite you to a Video interview, so you can meet the team. You will learn more about us while we learn more about you.


And now, for the nitty gritty:

  • Gather requirements by working with stakeholders and other teams, reviewing customer needs, asking questions and refining the requirements.
  • Brainstorm, design and implement solutions. Effectively document your work for consumption by your team.
  • Explore, clean, analyze the data to discover insights
  • Prototype and test machine learning models
  • Deliver production-ready AI solutions.
  • Deliver solutions within the timeframes needed to meet customer requirements, exercising judgment to determine what can be delivered when.
  • Take feedback and learn from peers.
  • Provide effective feedback, coaching, mentoring, and leadership to other team members.
  • Possess a good knowledge of Python, SQL, Machine Learning workflows, and ideally experience with API deployments. Demonstrate good judgement in implementation and design.

Ideal Experience: 2+ years experience in a data science role, but we also welcome fresh graduates.


Flexible Paid Time Off | Medical Insurance or Transportation Allowance | Free use of our digital healthcare app, giving you 24h access to medical experts | Free therapy sessions


Naluri is changing the way healthcare is delivered.

A digital health therapeutics company operating across SEA, we are focused on the intersection of mental health and physical chronic diseases.

We combine behavioral science, psychology, data science and digital design to help companies, healthcare providers and ultimately, people with achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Naluri is a fast growing startup, we have locations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and we plan to expand further across SEA and Europe.

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