Accounting Manager


Mid Senior level

We are looking for an Accounting Manager who is confident in leading from the front and be responsible for the growth of the company.

  1. To be in-charge of all bookkeeping and accounting-related processes, ensuring that the company data are compliant with financial audit requirements and company regulations, payroll, payments, bank reconciliation etc;
  2. Ensure daily accounting processes are established efficiently in line with compliance and auditing needs with proper documentation in place;
  3. Review and recommend accounting standards, policies and processes according to regulatory and industry standards for each accounting entity (Chart of accounts, recognition of large expenses etc.);
  4. Manage, measure and control the company’s working capital and funds;
  5. Liaise with external auditors, accountant and company secretary on financial reporting needs.
  6. Play a very strategic role in supporting the Company's growth  
  7. Understand the company's growth plans, its financial goals, major departmental planning and what is actually happenings on the ground;
  8. Translate these insights into strategies and plans to ensure that the Company achieves its financial goals;
  9. Interpret how the Company’s plans and unfolding events will impact budgeting, P&L, cashflow & balance sheet;
  10. Play an activist role in identifying major initiatives to improve the company’s financials (P&L, cash flow, balance sheet) and work with different departments to implement these initiatives; 
  11. Participate in strategic data analysis, research and modelling for senior company leadership, support major departmental project analysis and validation of plans against company’s financial goals.
  12. Compliance - keep abreast of financial laws and regulations that the Company should abide by and work with the Company management to ensure compliance.
  13. Leadership & management 
  14. a great team player and leader who can motivate and mentor the finance team to work to their best potential and contribute positively to Company morale;
  15. work with and support major departmental managers to implement financial initiatives to achieve the company’s financial objectives.
  16. Reporting & Advisory - keep company management and key members of the Company abreast with the financial health of the company with up to date financial statements,  what's going well, challenges and potential risks and dangers and provide solutions; support Company management with decision making


  1. Degree in Accounting, Finance, or a registered Chartered Accountant.
  2. At least 5 years of demonstrable experience in handling end-to-end financial processes for a group of companies.
  3. Experience in managing accounts for Singaporean companies would be an advantage.
  4. Meticulous and in-depth analytical skills in managing financial data. 
  5. Team player with strong interpersonal skills.
  6. Strong communicator with the ability to persuade at all levels.
  7. Possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys working in a fast-paced startup environment.
  8. Ability to adapt to changes


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